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About Us

Founded in 1978, We’re Driven by a ‘Cars First’ Approach & Attention to Detail.


Meet TJ

He’s a senior-level materials applicator with notoriety and experience in the local (Southern California) clear bra application marketplace. Widely viewed as a pioneer in the application of clear bra paint protection, TJ’s experience in the field started in 1978 and is unmatched by any other local provider of the same or similar services.

TJ Wallace


A One-Stop Shop for Automotive Enthusiasts

We’re Orange County’s most experienced aftermarket service provider of clear bra paint protection and related services for owners of high-end automobiles. Our specialty is protecting luxury vehicles, exotic cars, and classic automobiles.

Our work results in the protection of your highly valued or high-end automobile from road debris such as sand and gravel that would normally cause permanent paint damage.

This work we do important because we believe that the appearance and value of your automobile shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Core Values

The five values you see below are quite literally the principles that remind us of why we do this work. People and cars make our work possible, and our core values guide our day-to-day decisions and keep us focused on you — our car-crazed customer.

Cars First: We’re ‘car guys’ first and foremost. We believe that if you do what you love, it will never feel like work.

Attention to Detail: The result of our work matters. We believe the details of our work should remain unseen.


Handcrafted Applications: Nothing we do is turnkey. We believe in handcrafting each application.


Pleasing the Customer: Pleasing our customer — by exceeding their expectations — is job number one for us. We believe in understanding our customers’ needs and always exceed their expectations.


Constant Learning: We don’t know what we don’t know. As a result, we believe in continuing education, being curious, and constantly innovating and improving our craft.


Our Location

We operate our concierge services out of a private location in Orange County, California that’s safe and secure.


Based in Southern California, TJ is often asked to travel throughout the United States to educate and train up-and-coming clear bra installers, consult with manufactures and developers as well as to coordinate installation projects for collectors, enthusiasts, and curators of high-end automobile collections.

If you’re interested in bringing TJ to you, please call him at (714) 350-6070.

What is a Clear Bra?

Watch the video below for answers to commonly asked questions regarding clear bras and paint protection film.

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