Paint Touch Up

If your Paint needs to be touched up before we put protective film on your vehicle, we can take care of that for you. However, the touch-up will have to dry for 12- 24 hours before we can put the film on.

rr 2We have been doing paint touch-up since 1978 and, over the years, worked on boats, planes, tractors, bikes, motorcycles, helmets, go-carts and even a one of a kind 1912 Rolls Royce at Pebble Beach (read article).


Window Tinting

While we don’t perform this service ourselves, we have access to some of the best tinters in the state. Tinting can be done at the same time as your Clear Bra Installation.


Other Services

Please feel free to ask us. We have been in business a long time and have a great deal of resources for all things car related, including wheel repair, interior repair, paintless dent repair and electronics.