A clear bra is a clear urethane based film applied to your vehicle so that it follows the contours of your vehicle’s forward-facing surfaces, including your headlights to protect the paint from road debris.

Applying The Clear Bra
Applying The Clear Bra

The film forms a protective barrier between your vehicle and road debris.  In most cases it will cover as much, if not more, area than the old vinyl bras did. The Clear bras we install today are designed to stay on your vehicle 24/7, giving you around the clock protection, unlike a vinyl bra that needs to be removed in certain conditions.

A Clear Bra is the modern replacement for those old black vinyl bras.

The clear bra protection film can be applied to any car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or RV to protect against rock chips, scratches, or abrasions. With proper care, the protective film remains nearly invisible, allowing the brilliance of your vehicles finish to shine through for years and years.

There are two basic types like kits available to have installed on your car, one is the precut kit.  This is a digital image downloaded to a plotter which is then cut specifically for your year, make, & model of car.
The other type of kit is a hand cut kit.   Uncut bulk film is applied to your car and the final design is cut on your car to the specific snap and area that you want covered.

Pre-cut kits are usually the cheapest and the least invasive type of a clear bra.

Hand cut kits usually more expensive and take more time plus it requires a great deal of skill on the part of the installer to avoid leaving cut marks on your car.

New developments in software allow us to make semi-custom pre-cut kits which allow us to wrap edges and make minor adjustments in kit designs.

While film warranties vary from manufacture to manufacture, over the years we have found that the life expectancy of most films in the hands of consumers is between 4-6 years. While the actual film may last longer than that, the aesthetic value of the film starts to degrade slightly over that length of time.