Learn the basics for care and maintenance on your clear bra product:

First, Keep the film clean, and waxed or sealed.  Use only MILD soap & water to clean the film.

Most commercially available car-washing soaps are fine.

Do not use any kind of abrasives or chemicals to clean the film without consulting a professional.

Next, Be sure to keep the film waxed and sealed.

By nature, all paint protection film is porous to some degree, that’s why it’s so important to keep the film sealed. Dirt, dust, and other air born impurities left on unsealed film will eventually cause the film to become dull (this is not covered under anyone’s warranty).

The top coats on newer films can withstand petroleum-based waxes and sealants better than older films. Quick detailers are excellent products for protecting the film.

Whenever possible, do not use any kind of petroleum-based products on the film.

Clear protection films do not like petroleum-based products on them, because it causes them to yellow and become dull. Products like Simple Green, 409, bug & tar removers, and de-greasers have harsh unrefined petroleum distillates in them, which in the long run, will harm the film.

All paint protection films are very susceptible to water spotting. Hard water deposits baked on by the sun cannot be removed, and are not covered under anyone’s warranty.

Do not use any products that contain ABRASIVES or DYES on the film.

The film should be waxed or sealed to protect clarity.

**A note about Car Washes… If you frequent car washes, it is always recommended that you use brush-less or touch-less car washes.  Make sure that they don’t spray any wheel cleaner or de-greasers on the film.